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Write A Block

Yeah I've got writers block
I was writing quite alright and stopped
Got myself a cup of coffee hot
Then I came back and slopped back down but what
Is wrong with my head
I try to write but what I write is not
Fluent, it aint doin it
Aint proving to me or anybody else either that I'm the top
I want to write a masterpiece and show the world all that I got
Blow em all away like I'm a hurricane, or a grasshopper swarm swarming ravaging crops
But this is what came out, this verse that sounds like shit
Aint a little tiny bit like me
I want to show that I can spit like E
I want to keep making hit after hit after hit
Not this shit, maybe I should quit or flee
This shit is horrible, like when I split my knee
Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up to a richer dream
Maybe I'm dreaming right now maybe this is a nightmare
That would explain why I can't get my mind clear
I fear running out of ideas that's my big phobia
Now you know it now you think you know me huh
I didn't fear it as a kid, but all the way growing up
I started wondering if I was cut for the rut
How I planned it, at the start I did stand strong on this planet
It was so obvious that I planned wrong
Didn't do shit but write shit and bite lips
And now sit here and spit these quiet bits?
About time I quit... nah, I'll frighten not.
I'll just write a block.


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