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Yamakasi! (2001)

Yamakasi! (2001)

Here's another great movie by Luc Besson. It has flips, and eh, jumps, and yeah, climbing, so it's... all you could ever ask for in a movie. Combine that with comedy and sharp hiphop music and you have a hit. Though the story is a bit corny (about getting money for a kids heart transplant) and the action scenes are all but brutal they manage to keep the pace, keep the atmosphere light, and keep the camera steady (you know I hate shakey cams). What it amounts to is a great movie.

After watching it I feel like going outside and just running around, wish I had a group of people in the same physical condition with an ambition of just, well, running, climbing, taking things to the limit. Flipping through the fields like a human stampede. Society is so gray present day, but anyway, great movie. It's French, but if you don't speak French there's always subtitles.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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