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Yayo Day

I've got backbones, but you know my bones are bony. My phone calls may be phony but that's just how life is going here in Zone E. That's E for Europe, E for the EU to which I say EW when I hear about: complain dudes, let your despair reach out! Reach through this air of doubt! Through these here clouds with an eerie sound that sweeps over the land so someone hears it now! Here you hear it now, here and all around this get go, we're all surrounded by surround sound: the echo.

I should record this, but recording takes its time, and I have no time to waste cause today I'm making prime time. I'm making each minute count: like I'm a watch watching. Hop scotching through this block of rocks without a notch of precaution. I'm stirring a wasp bin. But these wasps are has-beens. I'm whispering soft things to my watch, telling it to take it slow and roll as if life was a road of moss. I've got my glow and gloss today I'm getting off! The rest. But if you stress a little you do so much less.

I'm off road. I'm off rolls. I'm on a diet of soul... food! MUSIC. I'm dieting living in this diet inn, looking in my fridge and seeing nothing but a pile of things. I can't eat. I can't take a spoon of mayo. It's getting me so down I might soon take spoons of yayo. But it's OK though, and no, I'll never get down to that. I may someday weed my garden but I'll never get down to crack. I read some good news today, and I saw a phat cat. A lazy cat basking in a basket lap. I could spend my day with a real-time timelapse of that. In real time cause I'm real I'm: I'm getting back my pail of shade. Going back to Shady, I guess I passed my halo days. Where I flail my limbs and contemplate my place, and hail all haste. No time to waste: it's a gray old day. Yay okay.

But no! I'm not going to end this so somber. I'm in a mood for endless summer squander. I'm feeling great cause my paychecks just checked in, so why get down in text less the day is really unsettling? I guess it's a habit. A bad one. So smash it. I see the day and I grab it. Yay o day.


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