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You Know What's Strange? Etcetera..

You know what's strange? I have the same exact amount of free space left on both built-in computer HDs: 4.97GB. I just happened to open the 'My Computer' folder and there it was, the supreme coincidence. In other news...

I've been editing video footage from Oni lately. Turns out I've recorded a bit too much. In fact there's so much footage I'm tempted to just play the game again and record some more footage instead of filtering through all this junk. The latest of my published videos (which are still not posted publicly anywhere, so don't start searching) are a series of 9 40-minute mixes with various footage that doesn't really fit anywhere else that I wittily labeled 'Leftover's. Oh, and there's plenty left over.

Considering the length of all this footage it's taking quite some time to edit. I threw together a clip titled 'A Wasted Hour' with an hour video footage where Konoko just kept dying all the time; the title has a double meaning to it. ;) After patching all of the footage together in Windows Movie Maker (sucky program, I'm aware) and exporting it I watch through the footage to see that all cuts are clean, even on crappy leftover recordings. To speed things up I've been, well, speeding up the playback, and after some experimenting I've realized that I can play at around 3x regular speed without getting dizzy... and without missing anything I shouldn't have missed... though if I have missed something then logically I don't know about it, but whatever. IOW, I can watch through a 40 minute video in about 10 minutes. Saves time.

Recently I stumbled upon this nice Swedish site that sells American candy, among other things. We don't get a lot of American candy here in Sweden (I am Swedish btw, don't mistake) so it was a kick of nostalgia browsing through these lists. They have everything I remember eating and looking at but never really eating as kid, all the common brands that aren't around anymore in this country. They had a discount on Cherry Coca Cola too, so to everyone's dismay I ordered 12 cans. JSYK I don't usually drink soda, haven't had any at all in at least a month or two (excluding cider), not that I have anything against unhealthy food, I just don't buy it... usually... unless they have a great discount on something that takes me back a decade past my time to the era of news that actually had a message to deliver. I thought Dr Pepper was my favorite. Not any more.

You know what's strange? They don't sell these things in regular stores here. They have all the regular stuff, all the 'normal' brands, but never the ones that actually taste good. Mountain Dew White, Vanilla Coke, Root Beer, Dr Pepper - none of that. They do have Mountain Dew, Regular Coke, Beer, Pepper.... hmmm... maybe they just haven't gotten used to these insanely favorable exotic labels. Maybe they just don't know about them. Maybe they're just stupid. But I have a box of beverage under my bed now so I don't really care for the momentum.

Last weekend I went cycling. To Kungsängen. Back to Bro. To Kungsängen. Back to Bro. That's at least 8km each length, and the last 7km I had a flat tire, so I decided to take a long walk as well. Should do such things more often, it's almost as refreshing as a Cherry Coke. :)

All recent events of minor importance have been told, so I guess it's time to edit some Oni again...


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