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YouTube Video Upload Premieres

Can't people stop using these already?

I understand that they're supposed to be used to build up hype, but when everyone's using them... they break the hype factor. It becomes similar to how 'epic' is now used in sometimes the least epic contexts. How 'awesome' is just a general appraisal these days. How Americans stereotypically ask how you're doing without caring for the answer.

These premieres are starting to bother me.

On the one hand I am hyped that something new from one of the few amazing artists I follow is on route, but on the other I'd rather not even know it until it's out.

How do they want me to spend the time leading up to the premiere?

To constantly be thinking about that premiere, forsaking work and hobby in a nerve-wracking time of hype and turmoil before the great release?

Do they expect me to just see the promised timestamp and think: Oh nice! I'll tune in then!

Don't they think people skim through their subscriptions anyway whenever they have time to?

Don't they think people will be just as happy, and probably even more so surprised - and thus hopefully even more happy - if their material arrives spontaneously, without prior announcement at all?

It's interesting too how this premiering trend seems to have come in parallel to the one of not announcing anything in advance. Like Eminem's Kamikaze album. Amazing surprise. I like that method.

Everything that's announced often either:

1. Is announced too late, and the hype before said release feels rushed and insufficient.

2. Is announced too early, and other hype-inducing factors come along during the wait and distract you, or you grow tired or waiting and not as appreciative of the release as you might have been, OR the result doesn't match the hype and thus your appreciation further dwindles.

This 'premiere' feature somehow seems to be going against the grain. Against the trend (alright so maybe it's not a trend after all, I know I'm contradicting myself now). Against the psychological benefits of surprise versus no surprise, and wait verses no wait.

Is there any benefit at all, really?

Unless it's a one-time event that you need to schedule time for in advance or miss the ability to partake in at all. Like a live stream. Which ironically often seem to appear entirely at random, with very little or no prior notice at all, like the streamer just drops by at whatever moment they have a little time to spare on said stream.

Maybe I'm just following a certain clique of somewhat unorganized artists, but I feel like the value of organizing one-time events in advance isn't pointed out enough, and the potential disadvantage of scheduling random drops hasn't been brought up at all.

All these hype-inducing notifications for random media, often set just a day or two before the video actually drops...

Totally useless. Features YouTube shits.

Despair. Upload Premieres.

These end rhymes? Not great either. These here times.


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