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Yyyyyyeh.. Tired

I write a title like that because I won't repeat it. How many times would I type in 'Tired' otherwise? How many times have I done so? I don't think I've posted about being tired that much, but still, it would just get too repetitive, a slightly random title as this is unique and also conveys my current state of mind and body much better than a single word could ever.

When I first came back to Bro I went asleep at two (woo, rhymes), next day at one, yesterday at twelve, today about an hour earlier... I plan. Without anybody around disturbed by me being awake it's a bit hard to go to sleep as usual. Actually that's not the whole truth, there's a lot of things I want to get done (writing, sorting, etc) and a lot of things I'd like to do (like watching a movie, playing the guitar, etc) and it drags out on the time, it would be a piece of cake to just stay up all night and keeping working/playing, but that wouldn't be so smart. So I'm slowly getting back to getting to bed somewhere between 21-23, a good time. I still wake up with the sun at around eight, have done so since I arrived here with one days exception. First day I don't think I slept more than four hours so I took back some sleep the night after. Still don't feel fully rested so I'll probably get up around eight again even though I'll be getting more sleep than nominal.

Anyway, it's a waste of time analyzing my sleep. My sleep is good. My sleep is deep. I'd like to keep... it that way. Hehe.

So I'm back on schedule after today, anyhow, not that anyone here really cares, right?? This is where I should ask you how you sleep and maybe get some comments, maybe next time. ;)

You write pointless posts like this when you're tired. That's a fact.


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