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Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

Now this one's a loooong movie. Like really long. Four hours almost.

With lots of CGI. And lots of Gal Gadot. And lots more (I feel) Marvel emulating magic.

Someone reminds me a bit of Thanos, someone a bit of Iron Man, someone a bit of Spider-Man (in his demeanor more so than powers), and there are the Old Gods too, looking like a combination of the guys from 300 and that alternative Asgardian realm in that parallel franchise... not to say Marvel were first with any of these alternations, but they were first with the movies, and to me this is all starting to feel a bit like an Avengers rip-off at this point. And generally not as good. The villains in particular feel shallower. Their motives simpler. Light and dark. Power. Toxins. Darkness. Evil. Anti-life. One artifact to rule them all.

Their legions look somewhat DOOM-like too come to think of it. In the Bethesda way. The new way. Not the best way there either.

I'm struck by how little character a lot of the characters have though, and that's maybe the sad part. That might be why (I keep trying to figure out what the defining factor is here) Marvel seem to have gotten the upper hand. And maybe it was the ever so prolific and wonderful Stan Lee. The legend. The always so involved and inspiring front man for that whole franchise... I'm glad they got their movies out in time.

Zack Snyder? This name rings a bell but... I'm just not overblown by this.

You can clearly see how heavy a budget they had for it. The filming's impeccable. I have no qualms or complaints with the directing anywhere, it's just... not as personal. Not as unique. Not as FUN. And isn't that what superheroes are supposed to be? To some extent?

Feels like the Justice League is on a very different path here than with the animated counterpart of their Darkseid confrontation too. I honestly almost liked that one better. They seemed to have more character there.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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