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Zero Fifty Six And Stressin...

I'm... gettin' stressed up again...
Do we really have to spend so much time on the grind?
By design, just realized I need to fix my hairline.
Nails been clipped, now tomorrow get my beard done.
But I'm not even one who cares...
Or do I? Do I do try to view fly
Chicks, and have 'em eye me like I'm a cool guy?
I'm thirty dude, time is up, time to move my
Ass out of my parents house, then be appearance 'bout.
Melancholy cause I'm STUCK and I'm wearing out.
Been too glum too long it'd better clear up!
I'll cheer up! I'll see the sun and I'll gear up!
To live a life without these fears of change.
These routines, that keep me and my peers estranged.
I know life can't both go on and fare the same,
At least buddy Bear's a bachelor too, and Andreas
We here but lame. We're never morphin'.
Stuck in rut. Hear precaution.
Fucking up our lives! Or not really,
We're still really the best of guys and I
Just need to revitalize, and I SWEAR I'll be -
Climbing up ALL stairs I see! If we don't just...
Die off by this here 5G.


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