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Zero Tolerance (2015)

Zero Tolerance (2015)

I watched this one for Scott Adkins, but he wasn't the main character, he was a part-time villain with a dubious persona and a British accent (well done on the accent). The main character chases him, finds him, and kills him. Not really what I was hoping for.

The main character is played by Dustin Nguyen, and though he does look pretty tough, it looked like Scott was holding back in their fight, and had plenty of opportunities to attack that he didn't take. There aren't that many actual fights in the movie, though plenty of gunfire, so it feels like they could've done more with the big one. I'm a bit disappointed in that. Disapointed either Adkins or Nguyen, or both, didn't get a chance to really showcase their skills in the one showdown. If Nguyen is a good fighter, the filming and fighting choreography could've been so much better.

The plot's simple enough: the main character is a ghost (which means spy, sort of), his daughter Angel has been killed, and together with his cop and partner they go looking for the killer(s). It all starts with Scott Adkins killing a few people for disrespecting Angel though, so at first I'm thinking he's the good guy... but apparently not.

It's that kind of movie where the wrong guys die, and guys die for no reason, and in the end you realize that it was all just one big misunderstanding. Just like that one guy said. It's a bit depressing and/or pointless, though it feels like there is amoral there somewhere if you want to find it. Overall though, it's not a bad movie.

The unusual plot development saves the movie from being just another run-off-the-mill action thriller. The scenes look good (especially the intro), and there's nothing wrong with the actors either, but the script doesn't feel very consistent, and the action not as authentic as it could be. It's a good B-movie with potential to be a great. Not bad.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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