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Zombie Ass (2011)

Zombie Ass (2011)

Original Japanese Title: Zonbi Asu.

Perversities, crazy props, and a mountain trip s(p)oiled by parasitic ass-inhabiting organisms and a mad father/daughter duo with incurable disease.

Somewhere along the way it does go from at least somewhat serious and intense to more so silly and just-enjoy-the-ride-like, and I slowly go from being grossed out to maybe being cured of a dormant phobia for parasites. Not that I'd eat any voluntarily but... they're just hive-minded alien organisms with shit for brains huh.

Special effects towards the end might've been a bit crappier than they were in the beginning, but from the very first ass opening - maybe even earlier - I was hooked to this. With admirable all-outedess and creative everything, from the fighting choreography (Knife Girl For The World) to the mind-bending soundtrack and self-exploding heads.

If you watch this you'd better not be expecting anything serious, but it does leave you... somewhat inspired.

End of the dead indeed. Let us live. Right on.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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