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Did you know that you've just stumbled upon the most popular page on this site?! That's right, with a whooping 200,000* hits it's definitely the most visited chunk of content hosted! Though I have yet to figure out what's so interesting about this page. Is the image really that flashy? I made it with Adobe Fireworks btw, if you're wondering...

The 404 error means that whatever you are looking for wasn't where it was supposed to be, or maybe doesn't exist at all. Maybe you mistyped a title? Followed an outdated link to some resource that's been moved or no longer exists? Or maybe you're just typing in random titles? The search bar on the upper right corner might guide you right!

If you followed a broken link on this site, I apologize, I know there are plenty of those still lying around since the past redesign and I'm working on fixing them. There's plenty of other groovy content lying around though, hopefully there's something else that'll catch your interest!

*occasionally updated hit stats below:

1/2022 - 1,208,339

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