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"The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards which ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all."

To keep Internet accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world, common standards and components must be defined for both software and hardware used while accessing this faraway location we know as CS. Piece of cake. The ingredients that this newly born universe consist of are however not as easy to define, people make their own websites, they use new code, they use old code, they make their own code.

There is a very large amount of different technologies in use online too. Just to name a few common factors that play their part basically ever time you connect to the net, there is HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JAVA, JS & FLASH. Internet has grown at an exceeding rate during the past decade, and so have the number of technologies used, and the methods they are being used. Web browsers stay up to date, but designers don't, and nor do their websites.

I try to stick to the standards. As with regular laws, society only works as best when they are actually followed. Some laws are broken more often, some people think it's okay to break those laws, some people get away with breaking them, others get caught (in other words they mess up their website) and everyone lives (un)happily ever after. It's really just like a big society, but the big difference is that in the real world the laws we ourselves define can be broken without immediate consequence. Defying the laws in code is like trying to reduce the gravitational pull, you can't do it, not by yourself.

I've been blabbering a lot here, but the main thing I'm trying to say is that standards are important, so I support them, and though I may fail occasionally, this website does comply with the Web Standards Project.

That will be all. :)

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