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This page is here as a tribute, a benevolent gesture dedicated towards the symbolic value of Internet anonymity. It is also here because law requires that it be here and forecast to you the people how we handle matters of publicity and privacy, and most specifically: cookies

Prelude collects as little info about you as possible.

All information that is collected is stored safely within server logs inaccessible to strangers, and they will never be distributed to any secondary parties. I'll probably never view them either, nor will you, and it really isn't private information anyway unless you're completely lacking a basic computer firewall that by default comes installed with any modern OS, in which case your IP would be like an open gateway into your holy digital innards, ready to be seeded with viruses and all types of nasty malware.

The bottom line is, we're happy as hippies, so chill, you are in good bandannas. If this paragraph baffles you more than it lessens your confusion, simply ignore it and read on below for further more factual information on our content and your privacy.


Your IP is recorded for statistical use, and to prohibit you from doing bad things like rate a post twice. Your IP will never be published & will never be distributed.


Cookies may be used to track comments & votes, and save information you enter in the comment area locally if you happen to comment again. If you log in, cookies are used to keep you logged in for the duration of the browser session... or 14 days longer if you wish to be remembered.

If you don't want cookies to be saved, you can use your browser settings to disable them. These can usually be found under the 'Privacy' tab. You can also easily delete cookies for this site by clearing your browser history, or if you use a browser that allows it: right-click on the page, select 'Page Info' (or similar) to view cookies for this specific domain, and delete the ones you don't want.

Mature Content

This site DOES NOT MEET the Online Privacy Protection Act guideline. I mean, we like to speak our minds, and our minds may not always be places suitable for all ages. There's no porn though. Usually.

External Content

We are not responsible for the content of any external websites we may link to. If we ever start using third-party ads, we are not responsible for their content and behavior either, but so far we pride ourselves in having none of those! Third-parties should not be able to track you while you are here - at least not via this site. Be wary of browser plugins and software with shady privacy policies.


I hope that answers all your wonders regarding what we do with the information we get from you? Questions? Problems? Feedback? You can reach us here.

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