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What I Do

I design clean sites in XHTML, CSS, JS and sometimes Flash. I also do script installations, modifications for existing scripts, WP themes and layout images (like logos or icons). I work with vectors as well as pixel art and photography. My hourly rate is $24 (USD), rounded to the nearest half-hour. Feel free to contact me for a quote or with any questions. I'm flexible, and fine with flat fees for smaller projects. Also happy to help out with advice or testing when I'm not too busy.

What I Think

I'm a fan of intuitive, responsive and lightweight designs. I do divs instead of tables when possible. I love CSS, I try to use it even when it'd be easier with JS, but when that's just not enough I work with jQuery. I like to keep designs at a max width of 920px. My favorite forum software is punBB and my favorite CMS is WordPress. I think most things should be licensed under CC. I love open source. I'm wondering if there's something else I should write here.

Active Showcase

My own projects, mostly. Most of these should be active.

Zonsense UnLyrical Maud Axell The Axell Family Bob Axell CyberD

The Archives

Stuff I've made for fun or for others.

Andreas Anime Reason Arkad Avery Xie Barses Barses 2 BB Grounds Blazemint Blazemint 2 Bob Axell Bob Axell 2 Bob Axell 3 Bob Axell 4 Bob Axell BE Batch of Patches Chessence CyberD CyberD 2 CyberD 3 CyberD 4 Dyze Dyze 2 Freelance Freelance 2 Friskare Framtider Hemsida Shoo Shoo 2 Trails UBG Battle Uni UnLyrical UnLyrical 2 Wonpeace Wonpeace 2 Wonpeace 3 Wonpeace 4 Wonpeace Soon

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