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I am Away & Busy

My standard rate is 40 USD per hour - or flat fees as per arrangement.

Feel free to contact me with any queries and questions, or for a quote.

Personal Background

I've made and maintained websites for ~20 years at this point.

I work mainly with HTML, CSS and JS. I do script installations, modifications, themes, layout images (banners, logos, icons), manage webshops, forums, portfolios, blogs, etc. I can troubleshoot code in PHP and MySQL, but my programming skills are mainly centered around functionality and layout.
If it already exists I can tune it; if it's not ideal I can improve it. ;)

I'm decent with vectors, pixels, photography and audio/video production too, and happy to weave interactive elements into interfaces when suitable. As well as copywriting or marketing. SEO too.

The platform I'm most well-versed with is probably WordPress, which you can see in action here (I mean right now - as you read this). I have ongoing experience with Magento too, as well as simpler frameworks.

Service Background

I like (and usually work with) intuitive and lightweight designs that work on all devices, though also feel like individuality and visual intricacies are often lost in the overly slimmed down and streamlined structures that seem to be trending today.

Whether you want a standard company site, showcase, or something more unconventional I am at your service. The more novel the more fun. ;)

Feel free to reach out, be it for a job or just to juggle ideas - I'd be happy to work with you on making whatever visions you have on queue come true.

Webhosting and related services are also available at a reasonable price.

Active Showcase

These are mainly ongoing personal projects.

Zonsense UnLyrical Maud Axell The Axell Family Bob Axell CyberD

The Archives

Stuff I've made for others, for fun, or personal projects no longer active.

Andreas Anime Reason Arkad Avery Xie Barses Barses 2 BB Grounds Blazemint Blazemint 2 Bob Axell Bob Axell 2 Bob Axell 3 Bob Axell 4 Bob Axell BE Batch of Patches Chessence CyberD CyberD 2 CyberD 3 CyberD 4 Dyze Dyze 2 Freelance Freelance 2 Friskare Framtider Hemsida Shoo Shoo 2 Trails UBG Battle Uni UnLyrical UnLyrical 2 Wonpeace Wonpeace 2 Wonpeace 3 Wonpeace 4 Wonpeace Soon


You can catch the occasional doodle or other creative thingamajig here.

Feel free to browse the site for other samples of expertise -
it's a living showcase. ;)

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