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Redefine creativity, refine activity, define webdesign, design the fine signs, confine aligned lines, combine kind minds. Keeping the world in rythem, keeping my words with me. That's CDB.

CyberD is not really a huge corporate conglomerate, if that's what you thought. It's more of a non-profit, non-descript, secondary (online) home for me, Bob Axell, but you can call me Cyberdevil, that's my main alias. I also go by the name of Lil G homie. Nah just kidding. Just Cyberdevil. I do go by that name. For the love of DOOM and the WWW. Alternative aliases TBA.

I'm an entrepreneur of sorts: a designer, webhost, hobby lyricist and aspiring poet. As with my life I have many plans for this site, probably too many, so apart from being a creative portfolio for my visual, audial and written work it's also a personal blog and a documenting manifestation of my other hobbies, such as movies, anime, and videogames.

The painting's been getting messy over the years, yet underneath the canvas a new form may be beginning to stir. I need a focus in life, as I need a focus with this site, so for the new year 2015 2017 2019 I intend to place things in order. What order that'll be remains to be seen, but whatever it is, it's going to be something that I'm madly passionate about! Or all things I am passionate about, but in a much more structured and coherent form, where the top topics are my main focus. I hope.

This page is subject to change, but as for the subject of change?

Only time can tell.

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