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This is one of those pages that will be revised sometime. I have a lot to add here... also be warned, some of my old poetry is pretty crappy.


» 100 Beforehand (2009)
» A Hundred Haikus (2007)
» A Hundred Haikus 2 (2009)
» Capture (2007)
» Contain (2008)
» Dumpster (2008)
» Free (2009)
» Project 2009 (2009) 1
» Project 2014 (2014)
» Project 2015 (2015) 2
» Project 2016 (2016) 3
» Project 2017 (2017) 4

You can also read my poetry at All Poetry and Poem Hunter.


1 Project 2009
The first yearly poetical project was originally posted on a separate blogging script I've since then taken down. It was down for a few years, but is as of late 2015 finally re-uploaded on the main platform, along with a count (I missed one day!) and recollection of what I wrote this year. This was when it all started: the idea of writing at least one poem every day of the year.

2 Project 2015
Project 2015 is - in difference from the prior two - a mesh of old and unfinished lyricism, and the occasional new. It's not my best work, but I decided I'd rather post these things and make room for the new than let them lie dormant in a file and eat on my mind... and negligible hard drive space. For an effort to actually write something new (and hopefully good); every single day of the year, see the other projects.

3 Project 2016
Time for a mixture of creative arts: imagery, poetry, lyricism, and even the occasional recording. In lack of time most space was taken by prose - sometimes short and verbose, sometimes morose, sometimes free form, sometimes in rows, but no matter the woes always a daily dose. No limits you'll find! 2016 called for: all inspiration of mind.

4 Project 2017
This wasn't really poetry (it's lyricism), but as it seems relevant - and I don't know where else to put the link - I'm listing it here too.

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