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This is one of those pages that will be revised sometime. I have a lot to add here... also be warned, some of my old poetry is pretty crappy.


» 100 Beforehand (2009)
» A Hundred Haikus (2007)
» A Hundred Haikus 2 (2009)
» Capture (2007)
» Contain (2008)
» Dumpster (2008)
» Free (2009)
» Project 2009 (2009) *
» Project 2014 (2014)
» Project 2015 (2015) *
» Project 2016 (2016) *

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You can also read my poetry at All Poetry and Poem Hunter.


Project 2009
* This project was originally collected with a separate blogging script, that I've since then taken down. When I get the time I plan to reupload all this poetry via the main platform. A lot of great poetry was made this year, so stay tuned!

Project 2015
* This project is a mesh of old and unfinished lyricism, and the occasional new. In short: it's not my best work! But I decided I'd rather post these things and make way for the new than let them lie dormant in a file and take attention. For an effort to actually write something new (and hopefully good) every single day of the year, see the other projects.

Project 2016
* Last year's project was a mixture of various creative arts: imagery, poetry, lyricism and the occasional recording. Though, in lack of time most of the place is taken by prose, sometimes short and verbose, sometimes morose, sometimes free form, sometimes in rows. No limits you'll find! 2016 calls for: all inspiration of mind.

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