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It's Autumn!

But I'll be heading off on my 4/4th part of this year's summer vacation tomorrow anyway! Let's hope the snow waits till October, as it usually does, and maybe a wave of warm days come again. See y'all in a couple weeks and then some! Thanks for your attention on this mention. If not earlier: at winter's intervention.

Musicalish #275

Union Carbide Productions! A Swedish rock band that's been gone for some 25 years appeared on Gröna Lund's stage this year and put on a pretty awesome show. Gritty, grungy, almost industrial music with real rockstar vocals. Their style seems to have a changed a bit from the old days, but they were better than expected.

Here's some of their stuff back from the...


Musicalish #274

Lagwagon. I thought these guys were called Ladwagon. Curious name. Maybe... they're gay? My bad! Googling up some music I realized my mistake, and their show was great. Here we go, a little slice of their music...


Musicalish #273

Asta Kask. An old Swedish punk band from Töreboda came to play at the little stage of Gröna Lund this year, and put on one of the probably best shows this season! Unfortunately their videos aren't half as energetic as their live show, but maybe this'll give a little glimpse...


Why Would You Eat...

Why would you eat an animal when you can eat some chips?

Every Great Dream...

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

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