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It's Not Supposed To Be Easy...

It's not supposed to be easy here, it's not supposed to be easy. How fun would that be? How much would you learn that way? If everything was just so easy. When it feels like hell that means there's heaven around the corner.

Slippery Bike Ride & Strange Dreams

I barely made it out of the driveway this morning before the bike spun around. Wet snow. Couldn't stop the fall, but apart from the one leg tangled on the one side of the bike it was a soft landing.

The usually so simple route to the station went slow, riddled with obstacles as it was. The speed bumps were the trickiest parts - those square ones that slant to the side. Remind me why they started using those? I met a car near the parking, but didn't want to risk getting out of the tire tracks I was wobbling through, so they made way for me. Thanks, stranger driver.

On the train I look out the window at wonderfully white and deceivingly wet landscapes, yet though they're a rare sight they don't fill me with as much awe as they sometimes do. I look to my phone instead, and type down words for unknown reasons. Blog post potential.

Are the sights not that amazing because I know they'll melt away before the week is over? Because the white wonder betrayed my trust this morning with its deceptive traction? Because I'm just tired after little sleep and long days; without the energy required to feel good things?
Probably the latter.

I started posting last night too. At the NG BBS. Communicating with others. In public. I haven't done that in a while, but when other arduous dues amount what else can you do... it's the fastest escape way. Time flew.

The dreams? Something about One Piece, running, snow (like a premonition) and sitting at home waiting on the zombie apocalypse (I have a topic to thank for that). A blur of emotions. It's a bit late to remember it all - maybe it was washed away with the fall, even if the day has barely begun. I'm done.

I hadn't needed to tread so fast anyway. The train was a few minutes late, and my leg aches now. Tired. On the train to work, trekking the tracks, and wracking my mind for what next to contract. Maybe a nap.

Best not get carried away with the posting tonight. Good night.

The GOG Winter Sale!

The GOG Winter Sale!

It's on! First day with a free giveaway - Grim Fandango. Mystery game stars and deals all the way till Christmas. Background here.

The Reseller I Didn't Get

A week ago I almost bought a reseller.

It was Black Friday. A hosting company I've been following for a long time had this amazing deal, yet the catch was that you had to subscribe for three years to get the best price. A lot of hosting companies do that. I really considered it. I almost bought it, but it turned out I didn't have enough money loaded onto my credit card (which does not like the name implies allow credit), and so I thought some more about it and realized... I really don't need that reseller after all.

Is this the right time for me to get into the hosting business? Do I really want to get into the hosting business?

I've bought a reseller account before. Twice, actually. Maybe more. One of those hosts died. The other time I signed up on a deal like this, and ended up just hosting a single site on the reseller for two years... without even getting a proper hosting page up. Needless to say it didn't run the profit I was planning.

I thought I learned my lesson then, and yet the prospect of fast cash keeps coming back to haunt me...

It's never that simple. If you want to start a business you have to prepared. You have to put your all into it, and though maybe I might be willing to do that some day I'm really not there yet, and I don't know if I ever will be, so I'll stick to the shared accounts I have and abide my time until time comes for such a decision. Till then... I think blogging's pretty nice. I should spend more time on this. Writing about earlier failed hosting ventures and acquisitions, maybe? Until then.

Musicalish #225

A batch packed with creative musical goodness and feels! Enjoy.


When We See Our Uniqueness...

When we see our uniqueness as a virtue, only then will we find peace.

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