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Alien Script

Alien Script

A user on NG made a font, and so I made this...

A little alien script. What do you think it is?



Just a little something I craned out a while back.

Logo potential?

Happy Mar10!


Drew a little something for the occasion. :P Yes the sloppy letter placement does bother me too, but I shall leave it be! And move on! And achieve great things! And realize my dreams!

Happy Mar 10 y'all.

ink22 #31 doodle (hallo)


That's all y'all!

Happy Halloween.

ink22 #30 doodle (deerman)


Or 'The Dweller'? Couldn't settle on the name. But same beast; simple aim.

To haunt and horror...

ink22 #29 doodle (wave)


...goodbye to all the wonders! It's simple but it's thunder. Wave...

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