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Bob Axell

My name's Bob. I'm a designer, mountain climber (metaphorically), gold miner (ditto), one-liner rhymer who likes light skies and would like to revive our dying Earth. I'm currently campaigning towards a stop on 5G, and trying to spread awareness of the dangers of it. Feel free to read up on the topic and/or sign the global appeal here.

Alternatively: I am a native creative who dreams in visions and in phrases evasive, chases dreams, maybe in time I will make it? My site is outdated now filled with movies I've rated, but writing's the dream and I'm devising new faces in this phase that my life is, nice and abrasive.

Here's the real intro: My name's Bob. I blog about life, computers and games. I fuse music, write rhymes, design sites and experiment with experimentals mental. This site is my playground, a place where I rant and create and recreate and re-create and do great. Need a more formal introduction? Try this. ;)

CyberD is in a bit of a renovation mode right now, and I'll get it sorted out someday. Until then: stay tuned to the blog! That's where most of the updates go. Thanks for stopping by!


Honestly I'm not sure what to do with this place lately; if I have the time and will required to get it back in a semblance of order somehow. Time is blazing by, post counts race and rise with life in adjacent stride... hopefully I can tame my frights, reclaim the night, set reigns in sight and go back to treating life as a game, and smile... and we shall see what happens.

Just note that might take a while. So be patient guys.

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