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Bhaag Johnny (2015)

Bhaag Johnny (2015)

Johnny's the charmer of charmers! He has a good job, all the women he wants, and is living the life - until one day he walks into the office and his boss has found out he's swindling the company. She gives him a choice: Either take a three day trip to Pattaya Resort or go to jail for 10 years. 10 years is a long time so... he takes the vacation.

It soon gets a bit more complicated when he realizes the vacation wasn't as unconditional as he thought. Faced with one impossible decision a Jinn appears and offers him a choice: for the next 72 hours he can live two lives, and see the results of his actions depending on which path he chooses. There's just one catch: If he dies in either one of these two alternative timelines he dies in both of them. And so we follow both Johnnies, and the drastically different timelines they traverse.

It feels a bit cliche how good the one goes, and how bad the other, but at the same time it's a both creatively mystical and exciting story, with a little dance and romance mixed in - and intrigue. It's well-filmed and easy to follow, with some classy Bollywood fighting and explosive (unfortunately not very realistic) CGI. It's not the deepest take on the two-life tale, but it's a good one, and the suspense is there all the way. Kunal Khemu is good as both main roles, and Zoa Morani and Mandana Karimi not bad as the girls.

I'm really not disappointed with anything in this movie, but quality-wise... it's difficult to still give it all too high a score.

Also: alternative cover. It was hard to pick between the two, as they show so different sides of the movie in each. Just like the movie itself.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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