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Society Has Become So Fake...

Society has become so fake, that the Truth actually bothers people.

Resonates with a lot of my Inktober verses lately.

I'm still going strong with those! Have a listen on NG. Haven't yet had time to post them here. Also currently play-testing a game, and hopefully handing in some lyrics/voicing for two individual things I stumbled into. If you wonder what's keeping me so busy lately that I haven't watched a single movie so far this month, and probably won't the rest of it either...

Good times though. Inktober's a good kind of challenge.

Will catch up with everything else November.

What Happens If You Copy An Audio File While You're Playing It?

Nothing? Can it affect quality of the copy? Can issues occur?

Does it depend on the player - if it caches the file while you're playing - and as such you actually don't copy the same file that's playing? Or is there a difference in audio files compared to other files, in that certain portions of the file can be copied at the same time as certain other portions are played, and so the transfer fetches the portions not currently in play until the transfer is complete, seemingly entirely unaffected by playback?

Is it a software or a hardware thing? Did copying audio files in use work with DOS. or even Windows XP?

And does it depend on the format? Can you copy some but not others? MP3 seems to work, haven't tried WAV, FLAC, APE, M4A....

Internet didn't have the answer for this, so I'm just leaving the open question here.

If you have the answer, do tell.

Inktober #25 - Know Conditioning

There's no conditioning. I hope you're listening.
This my warm-up session to get ready for the mission in!
I got a beat today I'm 'bout to try to chip on in,
Hit the switches right and maybe I can get it sent on in.

To ninjamuffin99 he's on production,
It's all up to me to catch the vibe and get to bustin',
I'm lovin' what I'm doin' but I'm still not really trustin',
That I can keep on through this like it really wasn't nothing.

The days are getting shorter, I'm currently buggin',
Leaning on self-loathing though I mean to get to (self-)lovin',
It's strange how you're just lonely if you end up on self-huggin',
But I'm only lonely for the moment, I gotta cut in!

Abductions? Aliens if you take me you're lucky.
I'll greet you open-minded. Won't shoot you down or nothing'.
You might do us a service maybe save us from all fucking
Up the planet we live on! Give us something to trust in.

Take the government and free us! And wisen up us people!
Treat us like we're innocent so we can feel all equal!
The world's in war again and it's depressing how we keep on,
Making the same mistakes, it's all the same with all the sequels.

Depressing how we fall in line, flock of seagulls or sheeple,
Cheap are we the people buying promises by leaders.
Who cheat us and deceive us and repeat it all elections,
And yet we get to voting for the same ones in a second

It's fucking stupid.

Inktober #24 - Game Of Life

One thing at a time! I keep on going not at the finishing line!
Is this an omen? I don't like what I can find!
When I dig in my mind! It used to be so bright there, I wish I could rewind!
I now get stuck on nightmares! I wake up and get by but...
Boom biddy bye keeps playing loudly when I drive up.
Need attitude to rise up, and energy to revise rut.
Suffice to say I'm tired and way too fast is my time up.

Every day... get up and greet the gray gray everyday!
Take the car to work and rev a bit on the way! Never too bitter to play!
But never videogames! No time to just relax and have a video play!
Without feeling a need to skim and rush the written relay!
The review that I write! Diary on life I get to every night!
And I used to do haikus, but lately just a hundred words.
Used to bless the mic too, lately I've been undernourished.
Used to chase my idols! Now I just sit inside all! Time until daylight fall! Hooked on my survival!

But one thing at a time! This month I'm going with the river of rhyme!
Showing you that no man can not quit on the grind they don't like and get a better one!
Got a six pack app and I'm getting better guns! If work didn't end so late instead I'd run but
Run Run DMC on stereo now here we go the oldskool flow is still a killing with me.
It takes a skill to emcee, but more so story-telling, no crime in talking about life but I think I'd be a boring felon.
Talking about what I like, talking about what I hate, talking about how I stay up and get up late,
Like not everyone knows that everything's not piece of cake, but... do you even bake huh?
Come on now we gotta get in shape!

Every day... get up and greet the gray gray everyday!
I probably should get out and jog that grayness away, and feel great and go greet,
Some peeps I pass by and get a gathering, mass on the streets,
Then get on back for a feast, before I take to my deeds! So much more accomplishing than aimless retreat!
A company men get out in battle! Rattle the saddle! Jump up face backwards! Ride that way so no one knows what happens!
Chose a show on such shoulders so cattle can tackle heck all! New animals here to wreck all! Cadillacs to the next world! Humans we are so fickle!
Why not every day, get up and sever your way, go change the preconditions of whatever game that you play,
Go play it cool! Live life. By your rules.

Downloading A File...

Infinity Download Time/Zero Transfer Rate

It is downloading though...

Inktober #23 - Number 23

AKA Non Contemplate

Last few days been way too contemplative,
But today I'm too busy for contemplating!
Guess it's back to a crazy lyrical display agent?
With a heat straight from Hades that makes dames dizzy.
You ask Bob Axell: Cyberdevil who is he?
Well he's a blasting heavy death metal kind of frizzy!
Sizzling on sick slithering kind of witty word-
Riddled turds. That's the shit! Past the city.
With the audacity to be asking peeps,
To hand him beats! But he gets what he demands you see? Mostly.
His standing feat is to bang out these,
Dabble in daily verses, yet the devil's in the details.
Still second-guessing himself, still got those demons.
Fetching my mail. Writing in the lines between them.
Oh hey I went from third person to first
Though I'm not on self-roast and loathe mode,
It's boast mode! Beast known! Known to
Go and murder words.

And past the city cause naturally it agitates me.
Just want a nature-loving lady nothing shady.
So we can have our little rituals, me and Miss Earth
In a save haven amidst withering daisies!

Hey peeps it's night and I'm late on time.
So please accept this here vacant rhyme.
Saying nothing of nothing like I've erased my mind.
I raced to raze my mind for many days to find.

Nothing added! Seems these adages are almost automatic.
Don't know where it all comes from, maybe already have it,
In the deepest reaches of subconscious mind state.
This my version, like Krinkels one is Madness.
Sublime talent comes from a line of failures,
Hey word, I'm stoked you let me have this.
On fire yet so far out of matches.

Go to sleep. It's Number 23.

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