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Inktober #14 - New Found World

Yeah! Cyberdevil. James Heart. He got a tune. Invited me to play a part. Let's see how this goes, more lifts... less woes, yo...

Cyberdevil's going on a trip, going to zone out a bit,
Wave my frail bones and strain a bit,
Hit the spa, hit the gym, eat a breakfast like a Kingpin,
Dinner with my minions, table red and crimson.

Whatever lows I know I know that'd be up,
But for real, I'm going to spaz out in Latvia!
If you've never been there man you have it tough,
They've got honey stunning suburbs and a track with bus,

And wool, and the river, cold winds make you shiver,
But I'm so stoked to be in there got some dope flows to deliver,
Thought about renting a real studio apartment on a top floor,
But went for a hotel cause the acoustics there may rock more!

Nah, I really didn't have recording plans,
But it's Inktober so of course I've gotta make sure you fans,
Get at least something rapped up in that hotel room,
I'm feeling like a pretty pro dude, so dope, so cool,

And James! You really got something with this beat!
It's flowing like a river! It's stoking me up and sweet!
Got me out of my ropes and cuffs and up when I was down upon me knees!
Nah I've not been so low, but solo yo maybe that is not for me

We're on the grounds! The nation! Of sound and great creation!
Founded by the great Fulp on astounding and ground-breaking
Vile and violent creations! Bash them Teletubbies chump their face in!
But now it's all about collaboration!

( Ah! And all that's crazy!
Ah! And it gets crazy!
Ah! Ain't that amazing?

We're watching and we're playing,
We've got to stop complaining when it's...

Not all the same and!
That's why it's great man!
It's the creative of the races,

Go have a little taste and smile
And get a facelift. )

But the world! You gotta go explore it if you have a chance!
The tastes, and sights, and all might be an avalanche!
All your pre-jude-is, stereotypes and conjecture,
May all fade away in the face of great adventure!

It feels like if you travel, you're either bummed and broken,
Turned down by false hope in search of self-provoking,
Or you may be uplifted when you see how it's all twisted,
All the gifts that people showcase in their growing race of history!

You might get it all! And take in all the sights!
You might wander cobblestone roads in city lights!
Captivated by the calm, the charm, and that strong awe,
Or you'll be alarmed when someone kicks in your front jaw!

The wide world well that, it's a bit like NG innit?
And I'll be here from start to finish, chasing the stairs to get to kings' reach,
To see the views that only those who ever ruse the folks,
Get an excuse to know, I bet it's beautiful.

See the community in all it's human form,
With lore tellers, dwellers, shit man nothing like this gets realer,
Nothing so rich as a sip of the splendor that NG'rs skip beats to contend on
And we don't bash our fans man. We're not Nintendo.

Is that innuendo? No they really cracked down!
On us when we had proud fans, and that didn't make the fans proud.
They're far from the only but Nintendo really zone in like a homing pigeon when they show,
Before they get to exploding.

( chorus x2 )

Hey! I'm going on a long long journey,
Props TheScottMan, the trip might've been but this surely was not planned,
What's up fam, you've got me going all over these rough lands,
The Internet's the wildest it's the tough hand, yet touching,

It's just a bit hypnotic, and just a bit psychotic,
If you didn't know I'm Swedish, but I wouldn't mind being Scottish,
Playing a lot of Pokemon right now and I like Oddish,
And radishes in salads they're rad and rich in riboflavins.

This is just a little something that I chose to record,
It's not all on accord, I hope you didn't get bored,
I hope James you weren't hoping for more, thing is I'm kind of tired,
But I'm going on a journey and this shits gets me inspired.

This shit is fire. It's a new found world.
Everyday. Let it whirl.

Inktober #13 - Mini Sesame (0:55)


Inktober #13 - Mini Sesame

Tell my mind to open sesame
cause you can't get the best of me
there won't be no rest for me
I'm here I got the recipe
Unless you see what I'm gon' say
Then things will not be goin' your way
I ain't gone play I ain't gone fade
I'll be brave in waaaay more waaaays
Yeah. I'll take your place. Yeah.

Tell tales to get the best of me
but I don't live in history!
I live and it's a mystery
but I'm blessed that still bliss is free
And we can breath our oxygen!
This world makes a lot of sense!
We can drink our water too!
Except when Unilever comes and
then it's doooooone... and then we run...

But dead men tell no tales,
so just merk 'em and then leave 'em.
And kill their family too,
cause the tales be told by grieving.
And vengeance is a danger to
the lives of those who claim they're pure,
so if somebody says they're great,
then let us set the record straight,
before they kill off every

October's Crazy

Did you know Mike Tyson has never had coffee? I'm learning a lot with these. Joe Rogen's the shit. Been listening to a bunch of his experiences lately, and each time it seems not only do the guests have something new to contribute, but he drops all kinds of personal wisdoms as well. How long has he lived?! Don't miss out on Elon Musk, Rob Zombie, Wiz Khalifa or the appreciably re-occurring Bill Burr ones in particular (I binge watched all Bill's Conan appearances before summer - can't get enough of him), they're all great, as are the ever so effervescent NG-related Grounds Patrol and Cricket casts. Finally caught up on those too.

Did I mention I was on one of those? Still feels a bit unreal.

I finally got that pre-summer acapella done too, just as I'm starting with my Inktober stuff, and the time is flying. So fast. I'm doodling too but that's not the priority this year; those will be up here later. Forklift course this weekend and quick Latvia trip coming up too, and work, there's work...

I've updated the contact form with a link to this service, since I just realized there's no good way to attach a file there if ever you feel a need to. But Mozilla's great, and I just discovered this service too. Yes that is my affiliate link, but I am seriously considering getting one of their lifetime plans myself, in the long run it'd be pretty handy, and I haven't seen anything like that offered since the legendary MegaUpload days (may they RIP).

Maybe a new age of filehosting is dawning...

I have a ton of other events and updates I'd like to delve a bit deeper into here on the blog, but for now I'm just stopping by to say: October's crazy, I'll be away a few days, but I'm officially back, and this years Inktober project seems to be opening all kinds of doors. Surprise collaborations are lining up with some pretty cool people, just need to write some proper lines to match... tune in if you have a chance, and if this post happens to be the only somewhat real blog in October: I'll see y'all when all this Inktober business is sorted, and things maybe start calming down.

Also I'm playing a bunch of Pokemon Black.

It's good to be back.

Inktober #12 - Lift The Forklift (1:19)


Inktober #12 - Lift The Forklift

I really feel I gotta lot of rhymes in my head these days,
Feel like I could prime up another page,
If you give me two dimes instead of cents,
All of this writing could have no end!

I really got a lot of other shit to say,
About both me and the games I play,
And about the world and the way it's going,
Things they crumble, sounds like omens,

Oh man, we're fucking up the world right now,
Guns and wars and plastic that shit is everywhere in our floor,
It's in the ground it's in the water, it's in the fish, it's in the bottle,
It goes around and then we swallow, wonder what will happen to us...

Do you believe in chemtrails? What about vaccines?
What about AI? What about machines?
What about 5G? What about depopulation agenda?
Some people don't give a shit, some people just surrender,

Some people naively go on doing what they do but how can you,
Ever make a difference even if you knew, what vicious/cruel,
People steer the world, what about the banks,
What about the media, we're drawing blanks,

Every time we try to reclaim our knowledge,
Feels like freedom of speech's abolished,
How did this start, how did our history,
Become so empty, all such a mystery,

When everything we read... is not only what other people wrote.
But what they want us to read... don't listen, believe.
The Earth is flat. But if you believe in THAT then yeah...
I think you need... to get some FACTS.

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