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Death Is Like Being Stupid

Death is like being stupid. It's only painful for others.

Chernobyl Abyss (2021)

Chernobyl Abyss (2021)

AKA Chernobyl Under Fire.

Radiation's a dangerous thing. A sad thing. Like death. You won't know when he's nearby, but he'll kill you. Slowly.

This is the story of one of the voluntary fire-fighters you might've heard about, who not only played a part in extinguishing the initial reactor fire, but went back, to open the vault, to let the water out and prevent a steam explosion that might've caused much worse spread. Him and his girlfriend. For the son he didn't know he had.

There are no happy endings in a story like this, and I knew that. I'm not sure why I watched it. Probably because it's fascinating. Tragedy. Sacrifice. What people do unwillingly, or knowingly, or for their loved ones, and how the Russian machine works, or used to work, when this all went down... school kids out on a parade while the radiation was a haze all through the city.

They recreated the scenery nicely, though the special effects weren't all that great. The relations though. Those were. Maybe the initial firehosing ceremony felt a little silly somehow, but you won't feel that way when it's over. The way it goes full circle then.

Damn. Man. Heavy stuff. It may be propaganda. It may be glorified. I don't mind. It doesn't matter. Those who sacrificed themselves to shut that fire were glorious souls, no matter how different they might've been for real.

They recreated this one well. No frills. All fire.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Megalodon Rising (2021)

Megalodon Rising (2021)

Chinese ship attempts nefarious satellite information download, gets attacked by Megalodon, survivor from Chinese ship gets picked up by American battleship, Chinese battleship asks for prisoner back, American ship refuses, Chinese ship gets attacked by Megalodon, heroic American captain takes a sub and blows up Megalodon whilst crew on American ship stand on ship, filmed from an upward angle so you don't actually see what they're aiming at or if they're even on the ocean. End with patriotic speech and ominous radar pick-up of unidentified threats (assumably Megalodon) heading towards the shore...

Well that was a crappy movie.

Crappy special effects. Limited cast. Excessive bickering. Limited locales. Assume they didn't have free reign over said ship...

I assume this isn't an official sequel, but if it is holy moly. From Stratham to this? It's interesting though how it's moved from Chinese propaganda to American, as if the film-makers felt it weighed too heavily the other way with the last one...

Could probably be cause for further analysis but this movie really... wasn't good. A lot of commandeering and discussing; little else.

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent

Miami Heat (2021)

Miami Heat (2021)

A retired Spetsnaz agent relies on his old skills to save his beloved daughter, who has been kidnapped while working in South Beach.

Oleg Prudius (or was it Olivier Richters?) almost comes across like an Arnold Schwarzenegger of old here, as not the best actor but: charismatic. I enjoy his presence. And the girls. Shannon Murray. The sidekick's alright too though their chemistry feels a bit off occasionally.

Unfortunately the fight choreography's shameful, there's way too much talking, the plot's messy, too many people, and apart from some very sexy Miami intro scenes... I'm just not feeling the heat.

You need more than flashy cars, lights and locales to make a good action movie y'know? This had something going for it, but not enough. Enjoyable sometimes; sometimes just disappointing.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad

Ghost Town (1988)

Ghost Town (1988)

It's a town full of ghosts, literally! Where the old times stay, and only old things can take them away. Kinda like the premise behind Silent Hill, but in a much older; dustier; Wild West-like setting, that starts - as so many horror movies do - on a long and lonely highway.

It's aged, but aged well. The fades aren't perfect, but like with the old Repo Man movie they do still work. You don't need anything too crazy to make something good, you know?

Give it a shot. If you like B-movies, action, dust and real ghost stories you'll enjoy this. Actors got oomph, and soundtrack's not bad either.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Things To Come (1976)

Things To Come (1976)

Way ahead of its time, this one! It may be doused in pleasure. A futuristic orgy more of sex than violence. But could it also be the precursor to The Running Man, that came a decade later? With opponents that could then actually fight back, and maybe provide a more 'pleasurable' ending?

I recognize so many elements in this that I've seen in other movies, that came both before and after, and I wonder if it might' both influenced and been influenced by. It feels like a gem, lost on time, accurately - to some extent at least - predicting both our now and our future, albeit stylized a bit more like the future was assumed to look in the seventies. With suits and bloops and blips but... no real computer. Wizard of Oz reference that one?

You could enjoy this for the stripshows and softcore sex scenes, but also for the unexpected relevance. Especially in the beginning. The little speech Julie holds before she embarks off to strike a blow for freedom.

Would be in IMDB's memorable quotes for this if only more people had seen it...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

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