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Bigfoot Famous (2021)

Bigfoot Famous (2021)

When a viral video of Bigfoot emerges, a once-popular influencer launches a mission to film a vlog with Bigfoot and regain her fame.

You know from the start it won't be one of the best ones this one... and it isn't. But it was a bit better than I thought it'd be. It wasn't entirely characterless. It had that exaggerated; awkward American idiot type humor that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, and here... it didn't.

But it pokes fun at influencers, highlights how little importance the social media tropes really hold, and does a pretty good job of just showcasing the ridiculousness of all.

And the filmography's beautiful.

I feel a little sorry for the kind-hearted dude with the big J, and the nature spirit just leading his life in peace when these violent peeps all barge into his home, but had they known...

The ending's a down to Earth one. I like that.

Nice contrast to all that came before it.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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