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Boone: The Bounty Hunter (2017)

Boone: The Bounty Hunter (2017)

When fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter, Boone, attempts to bring down a drug lord and his empire, he uncovers more than he bargains for and learns that justice means more than ratings.

This one really started off a B-movie, but became so much more! Damn. Crazy stunts. Crappy special effects, but decent explosions. It feels like the prime era of HK action all over again, a la American/Mexican, where they have both fun with and authentic stunts, and just keep going, and though the script comes second it's not bad either... for a B-movie.

John Hennigan plays Boone, and both T.J. Storm and Lateef Crowder jump in as formidable adversaries. John Hennigan doesn't disappoint, even if it sometimes feels they're not really daring enough to take the step from low-budget to full-fledged film, what with the explosive parody-like introduction, as if they're trying to tone down the seriousness of it all in case of crappy acting, even though it's in part the seriousness in the latter half of the movie that redeems it, and helps bring it past just the regular flat-out fight-em-up flick to a not bad movie.

There's a bunch of other characters too, and though conversations aren't the strong points of the movie they act alright. The action's what you'll really watch this for, though. It looks good. It feels real. It keeps going and going, like a low-budget version of El Gringo with a lot more parkour and maybe a hundredth of the budget. With a bit more money this could've been amazing, but it was better than I thought it would be.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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