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Caged (2011)

Caged (2011)

Alternative cover.

Erotic, beautiful, gifted but... oh so twisted.

It's the story of a promiscuous woman - a nymphomaniac of the Netherlands - who after one partner too many ends up drugged and locked in a cellar with someone who seems to hold a grudge against her, accompanied by another woman who blames her for being trapped there.

Occasionally she's taken away in her sleep, tied up, and taken advantage of on a table... but not as you may think.

Does the movie take a stance on the questionable moral aspects of promiscuity or... just explain it? Does it tell a tale of the perverse, or does it serve a purpose?

It's like it tries to define the essence of intimacy, and lust, and relations - though initially it seemed almost like a sensual SAW kind of spin-off.

It reminds me of other movies too.

Basic Instinct comes to mind first. Though there's another, more recent; more familiar one too... Graphic Designs, maybe?

I'm not sure.

There are plenty of similar adult films - and films of a woman in captivity overall - though not quite like this. The prison cage feels like a more familiar theme. Where the threat's perceptible, and lies in the group dynamic, of control, and cravings that cannot be fulfilled.

The isolation's different.

Yet it's not TOTAL isolation.

The two girls are together, but isolated in different ways, and lethal in marital age...

To actually trust a woman when you see movies like this... hmm. Might get difficult. Both women look amazing but they definitely have their demons - and yet one of them looked so Innocent too...

It looks GREAT, it flows well, it shows all, it has a twist - yet does leave you a little uncomfortable when it's all over...

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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