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Death Race 4 - Beyond Anarchy (2018)

Death Race 4 - Beyond Anarchy (2018)

They went all Texas Chainsaw massacre with this one for a moment... and gritty! Was expecting a low-budget movie when they started - and maybe not a part of the official Death Race franchise at all, yet when Danny Glover and Danny Trejo came into the picture, and with the overconfident SWAT team intermezzo, with the fire and flame and carnage and Heavy Metal concert with topless bitches (just feels like proper terminology here - no offense intended) and initial showdown at the abandoned pool that looks a bit like the one in Chernobyl... I started getting convinced.


This one is good.

They're back on track. They're hardcore. There's violence and nudity. Action for adults. There are certain imperfections, like the fake bridge gap, but you couldn't have expected them to catch that one could you?

Overall it's more Death Race than maybe any of the Death Race movies before it. Back to origins with a bad-ass main character to boot.

Though whatever happened to Bexi? I'm a little disappointed it ends the same way as all before it, and we never even knew who Frank was. He didn't seem like the one from the prequels...

There's also a Lucy Aarden shower scene btw. Take note.

It's not perfect but I am satisfied with this movie - it's gritty like few new before it - Mad Max style! Hope there'll be more.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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