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Double Trouble (2012)

Double Trouble (2012)

Here's a generic Asian action comedy with a couple double sidekicks and a couple femme fatales, a friendly gangster, a criminal mastermind and a tour bus with a somewhat irritating guide, and that's about it!

The action's not bad, yet it feels like they often downplay the stunts by filming from inappreciative angles, and other times it's clearly wire-work, or not stunts at all. It's the new age of HK cinema huh? I remember the days when they did all of this for real, or at least (if this really is real) filmed it so it looked the part.

The story's not bad, the red line's easy to follow, and the two security guards bonding over time as they chase a four hundred year old art piece stolen from a museum is nice to follow, but it feels low-budget and plain. Not enough... character? Class? Crisis? Focus on nailing the choreography? It all ends a feelgood action comedy, no more no less, just about worth a...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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