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Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Here's a movie inspired by a comic with a similar name, about a couple of Kung-Fu masters (disciples, rather) who fought to free people from oppression.

The Dragon Tiger Gate became a symbol of justice, and there they lived, until one of the two parted ways and everything went straight to hell...

It's a tale of loss and overcoming, of characters with somewhat annoying (but cool) haircuts, of faith and love and loss (did I say that already?) but most importantly: battle. Also one where the walls somehow seem to lack solidity and break all too easy, especially during the final fight, but in most cases help make the battles look just plain awesome.

There's special effects with this one, though that's really not a bad thing sometimes, just wish they'd managed a cleaner run through the final pillar.

Oh hey, btw, it's Donnie Yen. And others. Top tier cast.

If you like martial arts mixed with a little myth and fantasy you'll probably like this movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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