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Game Of Death (2010)

Game Of Death (2010)

I watched this cinematographic flick starring Wesley Snipes as a CIA agent the other day, and though it had beautiful filmography and Wesley was as fast as always, they did miss out on some points.

When Wesley and his old female colleague are zigzagging through doors shooting at each other it does get a bit dull, it takes too long, she speaks too much, they shoot too much without hitting anything, they move too slowly without any real regard for their lives, it's just not a good scene. The elevator scene is the same, in which the arch-nemesis escapes through the elevator. He just doesn't have any speed. Wesley could have shot him easily.

Occasionally a grainy, grungy, film-sequence pops up, and I don't like them, the rest of the movie is crystal-clear, with beautiful scenery, lighting, great angles, everything is really 'sharp', and the grainy scenes kind of cut down on the whole beautifully sharp part. Fortunately there aren't too many grainy sequences, but they are there, and like I said and will do again now, I didn't like them.

Otherwise it's a feel-good action film with a few realistic action scenes and a hollow after-ache to it.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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