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Hard Hunted (1993)

Hard Hunted (1993)

A sensual, softcore action thriller directed and produced by a real-life male/female couple? This oughta be special, I thought...

And it was! The line delivery may seem a little artificial and off, as do the encounters, but the ladies look good... and so does everything else. The guys too I guess. This one's for everyone.

The choreography's not the best, nor the acting, nor anything at all really but... the visuals! The sceneries. It's a movie that puts living lavishly into perspective, and it does have a few explosions, a fancy helicopter and one highly entertaining showdown with a hovercraft by the beach. Flipping that table into the water can't have been intentional either can it?

I'd love to give this a higher score, but unfortunately it just really wasn't that good. Yet it felt so wholesome anyway, so appealing; so full of sunshine, sensuality and fun time. And refreshingly dreamy.

It's like a glimpse into another world, How this one would be if it was paradise maybe... though they apparently do have bad guys there too.

It adds some spicy though. To life; to the adventure.

Fun/appealing/very pleasant watch.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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