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Indiana Jones Movie Cheatsheet

Here's a quick cheat sheet I threw together to differentiate between the four Indiana Jones movies so far. Order of items of interest: main nationalities, villains, the girl, the spectacular death, locations, sceneries; other notables.

1 - Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

- Arabs
- Nazis
- Marion
- Death by melting
- South America and Cairo (and a little Nepal)
- Deserts and Ruins (and a little deep jungle)
- The one with the monkey

2 - The Temple Of Doom (1984)

- Asians/Indians
- Kali
- Willie
- Death by crushing
- India (and a little Shanghai)
- Tunnels and Temples (and a little dry jungle)
- The one with the Asian kid

3 - The Last Crusade (1989)

- Europeans
- Nazis
- Elsa
- Indiana's Dad
- Death by greed
- Europe (and a little US)
- Catacombs and Castles (and a little prairie)
- The one with the flashback
- Immortality

4 - Kingdom Of Crystal Skull (2008)

- All sorts of people
- Communists
- Marion again
- Indiana's Son
- Death by knowledge
- Peru and Brazil (and a little Nevada)
- Tropics and Exotics (and a little awesome)
- How to survive a nuclear blast
- Aliens


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