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Last Man Standing (1996)

Last Man Standing (1996)

Bruce Willis plays a drifting no-name gangster who winds up in a little lively border town where two gangs are lashing it out, trying to claim their turf as their own. They're not really doing much fighting until John Smith (that's Bruce Willis) waltzes in and starts shooting people, choosing sides like a wind, seducing this dame and the other and blasting those who attempt to back-stab him with a batch of buckshot. Actually, no buckshot, that just sounded good. He uses a regular reliable rotating revolver (or two), but they still pack a punch!

The action's frequent. The violence is explosive and stylish. The sceneries are similar to that of an old Western movie, yet it takes place in a slightly more modern 1930s setting where cars occasionally roll along the sandy streets. It has the laid-back pace you'd expect from a movie of that era, and everything - from the characters to the food the eat - reflect the time long gone. It's an adventurous action flick with an ounce of noir and romance. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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