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Lockout (2012)

Lockout (2012)

This movie takes place in 2079. It features a bunch of not-so-well-known actors that all do a great job. It's directed by Luc Besson (one of my favorites). It's about a prison floating in orbit around Earth, the president's daughter, a prison break, two crazy brothers and a lone hero: a young relic from a past that reminds us of the world of today. The digital effects suck, but apart from the highway chase which kind of ruined the atmosphere a bit, the movie is great. It has all the elements of genre a good movie needs, including dark 70& action. There are troublesome moments. There is an underlying plot that constantly grapples you. There are sacrifices and good guys gone bad and happy moments you thought would come in a flash.

It's an unpredictable action movie, in a good way. It doesn't always surprise; some things are predictable, but it keeps the suspense high all the way through and gives you a twist when it feels like you could use one. Overall it's much better than Luc Besson's last movie, that remake on Leon The Professional with a female lead (though of course he never said anything about it being a remake). This is good and... maybe not entirely new. A lot of the elements in the movie remind of past movies, a little Demolition Men (the stasis, frozen prisoner), a little Final Fantasy 7 (the motorcycles look alike, the chase seems inspired by it), a little from... well I don't recall the name but I've seen a few with the exactly same hostage drama taking place on different locations. But I suppose almost all movies fetch some inspiration from other movies, it's nothing new.

One notable thing in this one is the beginning scene, an interrogation with frequent flashbacks, and even more notably a heavy set of punchlines. Every time the main character says something you laugh or smile or smirk and honestly I've never heard so many well-devised phrases at the start of the movie before. If you don't want to see the rest of the movie, at least see the beginning. It's special.

The presidents daughter btw is an actress I've previously only seen playing less benevolent roles. I saw her first in Lost (the series) where she was a real bitch, deceiving, conceited, all bad female traits personified. Since then I've seen her occasionally in similar roles, so somehow I had her coupled with bad personalities. She fits them well by appearance somehow. Something about her small... dark... eyes and that twisted sadistic smile *shudder*, but apparently she fits well as a kinder personality too. I suppose she's just a good actor. It was interesting to view the change. Overall, this is a great movie. Maybe not the best action movie this year, but it's somewhere at the topping. I'll give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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