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Mad Foxes (1981)

Mad Foxes (1981)

Alternative picture that may give a better first glance than the cover.

This one reminded me a bit of Vanishing Point. No winners. Similar end. Fire and flame and eternal inferno...

It's gritty and real, raw, uncompromising - an eternal loop of vengeance and vanquishing... thought the main character was just your regular player initially. A tough guy who gets the girls, who has the car, who glides through life like it's nothing... but that's not it at all, after all. It's just one crazy trip. A slipstream of events that seems depicted more for the sake of shock value than anything else. Adrenaline, alcohol and gasoline fueled gruel and gore and gangrape gangrene...

I do appreciate that the first girl made it, at least. Maybe she was an intentional loose end. A part of this unfortunate series of events before it truly spiraled out of controllability.

It's not all great, I could've lived without the cock close-ups for one, but it's not just death that comes as a shock does it? That'd be cliche of them.

Though some parts are uncomfortably graphic it's fortunately not realistic enough to be uncomfortable beyond comfort... if that makes any sense. You do have female nudity too. I wonder if the eighties really was this crazy, everyone running around either naked or raving mad...

But it's an appreciable glimpse of the times looking back, however those times were. Just the rides through the city streets. The cars, the scenes, the people. The world's changed so must in just mere decades... and they don't make movies like this anymore either, do they?

I miss the times. Might have to give The Warriors another watch. It's similarly crazy, just a bit more polished; a bit more held back.

Then again the lack of tact just makes this one stand out all the more.

Wonder if there are others like it.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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