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Mummies (2023)

Mummies (2023)

It follows three mummies as they end up in present-day London and embark on a journey in search of an old ring belonging to the Royal Family, stolen by the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby.

Warner Bros getting into animation too? Is this usual? And is that really an official movie summary...?

It's a little cliché this movie. And subpar. Predictable. Simple. For kids, of course... but it's also a wonderful love story that weaves in a timelessness you only really find in myth and legend. If only it was better scripted!

I feel like they could've done so much more with the conflict of cultures. They could've worked in more magic in their own world, and made the technology of the other one seem like so much more than it was.

Neither pillagers nor mummy villagers are sufficiently surprised at the radical differences between their respective worlds, though the underground society really is an awesome concept.

The tablet thing was a fun detail, but overall the amount of potential witticism and wonder such a clash of times and worlds entail is wasted. They could've done so much. It comes across more a feelgood love story than the truly magical monument of immortality and change that it could be - and seemed to be for a while.

I was hoping it'd take everything further.

It's wholesome, and I love the characters and concept, but it's unfortunately not without loose ends, plotholes and a lot of wasted potential.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

It starts like Ben-Hur btw. Good start. And they do have plenty of good references - do like the Romans and all. Suitable dance scene at the end too - would almost have been more a surprise if they didn't.


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