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Pitbull: Last Dog (2018)

Pitbull: Last Dog (2018)

The Poles sure can make a movie! The script's a mess, and the narrative seems to rely on a lot of prerequisite knowledge, but who cares about that when the action scenes have such exquisite authenticity? It feels real. Serious. The bombs, the explosions, the knifings, the everything.

It's as tough a world as you imagine it might be in the Baltic States, and as such it also stars a set of pretty tough characters. They've got that aura like they've seen it all. Like they don't fear death. Like all of this is just a natural part of life. Life and death. Good and bad. Everyone's got to make a living somehow, and where some people decide to stand up for justice some people decide to stand up for themselves, or for someone else.

I'm indecisive about how to rate this, since everything about it apart from the script is just great. It's down-to-Earth in a way I haven't seen another action thriller be in... maybe ever, but when it's all said and done, and bits and pieces are left unexplained like it's an episode of a TV show rather than a stand-alone motion picture... I can't give it the highest score after all. But if you're looking for a gritty cops and robbers, murderers and more movie, from Poland, you've got a solid one here. Everything else is great.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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