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They're Playing With Fire (1984)

They're Playing With Fire (1984)

A married college professor decides to seduce her student, whom she hired as a handyman for her yacht. The hesitant student succumbs to his buxom professor, but their romance is interrupted by her corrupt husband and a masked murderer.

Sounds alright right? It's a softcore thriller starring mainly a student (that'd be Eric Brown) and a teacher (Sybil Danning), and another teacher (Andrew Prine), and a fortune, and a psycho... you'll see.

Eric Brown does seem like a dimwit occasionally, but when it's all over I think I'm glad he did. It just made the ending all the more enjoyable. Plot twist. I'm surprised. I'm impressed, too. And I'm a little curious how they handled it all with the cops - an element most 'real' thrillers seem to make sure to bring in at the end but... it's not bad like this either. It doesn't feel like the wrong kind of loose end.

I'm surprised they didn't delve all too deep into the action either. Neither kind. It felt wholesome that way. With not too much of any one thing or other, not violence nor sex appeal, though Sybil really is the star of this show. Wouldn't be as much without her.

Refreshingly classy. Refreshingly unpredictable. Refreshingly dreamy too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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