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Things To Come (1976)

Things To Come (1976)

Way ahead of its time, this one!

It may be doused in pleasure. A futuristic orgy more of sex than violence. But could it also be the precursor to The Running Man, that came a decade later? With opponents that could then actually fight back, and maybe provide a more 'pleasurable' ending?

I recognize so many elements in this that I've seen in other movies, that came both before and after, and I wonder if it might've both influenced and been influenced by those. One in a wave of dystopian sci-fi action.

It feels like a gem lost among others though, accurately - to some extent at least - predicting both our now and our future, albeit stylized a bit more like the future was assumed to look in the seventies. With suits and bloops and blips but... no real computer.

Wizard of Oz reference that one?

You could enjoy this for the stripshows and softcore sex scenes, but also for the unexpected relevance. Especially in the beginning. Like with the little speech Julie holds before she embarks off to strike a blow for freedom, on all that is wrong with the new world.

That would surely be included in IMDB's memorable quotes for this if only more people had seen it... but at least you can now listen in if you want to. And get a dose of good ol' seventies action with chilling premonitions of another time with it. Of what's to come and what has already.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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