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Uncharted (2022)

Uncharted (2022)

Now this is how you make an adventure movie!

It takes me back to Tomb Raider, and reminds me a bit of Red Notice at the same time. It's like they bridged franchises, and made a homage to the game at the same time. I was both impressed and disappointed with the initial airtime scene - some movements didn't seem all realistic there, but when it's all said and done this was one bad-ass movie.

It's a trip, all the way, and a tale of bonding and friendship as much as it is one of adventure and gold.

Feels like they have Wahlberg in the perfect role here too. One where he comes across both as the somewhat one-sided and possibly untrustworthy person he seems to be sometimes, but with a passion that shines through; a trueness they eventually build to. And Antonio Banderas! Sophia Ali!

I liked the girl immediately, but both she and Drake (Tom Holland) do grow on me even more as the movie goes, and Drake's child-like counterpart was just like him! Props Rudy Pankow. The transition's perfect.

Great choice of actors for both the little and the big role.

And all characters have a level of charisma like they might as well have been taken from a game - the black Asian lady too. Only Antonio Bandera unfortunately comes across a little sub-par in his villain roles lately.

It was the same in Red Notice. Sometimes he shines but... at the same time it seems like he's grown old, and lost his edge somehow. Not sure if he really has... maybe that's exactly the kind of person he's attempting to portray here too. Maybe he's perfect for the part after all.

If so the villain could've just been done better IMO.

A note on soundtrack: It's so perfect. I love the mellow guitar as much as I love the crazy club music when they burst into Infernum. And when Drake reaches that ship. It's all just... flawless.

This is so close to a full five. I don't know why I'm not giving it that. Is it still a little superficial? Cliché? Typical Hollywood action adventure comedy blockbuster of the time?

Feels like I need to see it again to judge properly. Like there may be certain flaws here I just don't pick up; like some things might just be too simple; like maybe the special effects weren't all perfect with the ship ride either...

But when they're good they are GOOD. This movie was GOOD. Helicopter shot like Sahara (1995) too, and that was another adventurous, charismatic; bad-ass movie.

Hope they're planning a sequel too.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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