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Vacation Friends (2021)

Vacation Friends (2021)

Anytime they include a RTJ track in one of these: Hell yeah. Even if it's just for a moment!

Though it comes back again. Hell yeah!

John Cena really overplays things sometimes, but overall... this the kind of overplayed comedy I can have a laugh with anyway.

It's party humor but more than that. It's friendship. It's life. It's about values that transcend this silly little thing they have going on here, and certain scenes - like the bit with the squirrel and the mushroom and the Ferrari follow-up - showcase a refreshing kind of creativity too.

You're not just stuck in the one house and wedding for the full duration of the film, either. You go places. You experience things.

It feels like... adventure. For real.

It had me thinking a bit of Neighbors at first, but while that one went over the top in a scary way this one does it more so in a genuine and heartfelt one.

No top score but I did really like this movie.

It's all in the moments. And the chemistry sometimes hits just perfect.

Like whenever Marcus (Lil Rel Howery) really loses his temper and suckerpunches a bro.

Meredith Hagner and Yvonne Orji are awesome too.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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