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X-Men 7 - Days Of Future Past (2014)

X-Men 7 - Days Of Future Past (2014)

It's another marvelous Marvel movie! There's just one thing I don't like about the X-Men franchise, and that's the messy numbering. Each movie stands alone... for the most part, and yet you'll need to see them in chronological order to fully grasp the full picture. All those glimpses into Wolverine's past, what impact would they have had if you hadn't heard his story? Wolverine's traveling back in time to save his 'childhood friends', would we relate to that if we hadn't seen them in a prequel already? And didn't know how close they were? Why can't they just throw a seven the title so we know what segment of the saga this really is!

That said, this was awesome. It's a trip through time. A trip with new and old characters alike, and old characters both old and somewhat newer - younger - unaccustomed to deal with the decisions we are used to seeing them handle with ease. It's a both mind-bending and time-bending tale which of course is impervious to the fate of this entire parralel world, humankind, and our future - one where the good always wins. Where we can all co-exist in peace. Right?

The filmography is flawless. The characters, the fights, the choreography and effects, all of it leaves nothing to be desired. Maybe some characters are predictable, maybe some events are foreseeable, but overall I feel the movie had more surprise in store than otherwise. It's one more great segment of the saga, no more no less!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

November, 2016

X-Men 7 - Days Of Future Past (2014)

The Seventh X-Men movie really was something else! Not only does Storm have a new haircut - once again, but as was the case the last time this happened, the franchise has now switched directors once more! It's no longer Brett Ratner (who worked with the third), but Brian Singer, and I couldn't be happier! He co-wrote First Class recently (which turned out great), but apart from the styleful Wolverine (2013), the mid-sequels that came out after he directed the first two movies didn't really play out to their fullest. This one however: top notch! Glad he's back, and hope he stays for the sequels.

It seems whenever time travel enters the picture a movie gains a special something, too. Though in this one it's with a twist: Wolverine is technically not traveling back in time at all. His consciousness is traveling back to his old body - fifty years into the past, and this at the power of Shadowcat, who holds his head through the whole process, even as a future nemesis to not only mutants but all mankind - known as the Sentinels, draw close.

It's a battle fought on two fronts, and the desperation is brought out in its fullest. Since Wolverine's living in the present is reflected by his state in the past, it's all the more important things go well for him there as well - though the 'world changing to meet his memories when he returns to his mind in the future world, in his present body' doesn't really make sense. Wouldn't the continual changes to the past affect the now, even as it happens? Or maybe... he's in a parallel reality until he returns; one his trip doesn't account for? But then when he returns to his body, he would still be in that alternate reality, and nothing would have changed.

Man, inconsistencies. Hate 'em or love em. Or dislike 'em just a little. Or better yet: ignore them. Apart from that little thing, this movie is amazing, and the Trask incident ties in nicely to the previous sequel, though overall it all ties in a bit oddly to the ones before that. It feels a bit like a fresh start more than a direct sequel. Like they opted out from the old storyline after it went stale, and started anew - though Magneto is suddenly as savage as ever. His past him, at least. That does tie in to the other, less wanted sequels.

I'm glad Mystique (AKA Raven) got more head space too, and everything else... well, it was great! As great as I recalled, though I forget things quickly, it seems. I recognized scenes as they came, but didn't know how it'd end until the ending came... at least not exactly. As for new mutants: we do get a few of those too! Great watch, once again.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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