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Iron Sky 2 - The Coming Race (2019)

Iron Sky 2 - The Coming Race (2019)

I almost missed this one! Since I watched the premiere of Iron Sky with buddy bear almost a decade back now, I've been waiting on the sequel. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting so long I almost forgot it was coming, like it was hiding on the dark side of the moon until one day it popped up on my radar again.

And it's another great movie, but more so fun to watch than like the first one. More like Kung Fury than Iron Sky. It's got dinosaurs, y'know? It's just... a little bit much. And though I loved seeing it I just can't feel the same way about it. It's a bit like Serious Sam 2 after the first and second encounters. Like they warped up the comedy and forgot about everything else that made the original great in the first place. The breadth? The balance? The focus? A little bit of a lot of different things probably.

It was creative and surprising, just like the first, yet a little much up and down and inconclusive. And neither the Nazis, nor the other race, nor the secultists, felt like that big a threat. They all get introduced too fast and wiped out too fast, and the parodying of various world leaders just loses impact.

They could've done so much more with this. Could've kept it real(er).

 rated 3/5: not bad


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