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Fairy Tail 2

Lucy arrives at Fairy Tail. Time to introduce all the main guild members!

Lucy At Fairy Tail

Gray Fullbody

Gray Fullbuster - He's great at what he does, but has a little... no, extreme habit of taking his clothes off.

Gray's Clothes

Oh, Crap!

Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona - The biggest drinker in all of Fairy Tail!

Heavy Drinking

Fight Me!


Elfman - He's a person who uses his fists to get things done! One of the more phisically overwhelming mages.

Elfman Motto


Loki Version Two

Loki - In the 'most eligable' mage list, he ranks on top.

Loki To Battle!


Mira-Jane - She does photo spreads in the weekly sorcerer.

Mira-Jane Photo Shoots

Fun Times!

Fun Times Over

Master Arrives

And then there's just one more, the master himself!

Anamorphs Go!

Nice To Meet You!

That's him. :) So, all characters have been introduced. What then? A little kid named Romeo shows up and asks about his dad who's been missing three days. Natsu, Lucy & Happy go to the mountains to look for him. They meet a fierce ape.


Natsu is blown away, so Lucy summons Taurus.

A Strange Battle

Natsu appears and beats up Taurus by mistake. Whoops, wrong animal!

The End

In the end the fierce monkey is defeated. Romeo's dad found. Everything OK.

Next episode!


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