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RIP Akira Toriyama (1955 - 2024)

Just requires a post of it's own is all, the unfortunate demise of this artist and icon most of us have probably somehow been influenced by, even if you don't recognize the name...

If you don't know he's the guy behind Dragon Ball. And more.

A real trailblazer OG both in manga and anime he was.

I am saddened by the news, but his work will definitely live on, and there's still plenty I've personally yet to discover.

Rest well AT. You had quite the impact on the world we all reside in, a God in the world of manga, like ocean-wise Poseidon.


The One Piece

I cannot wait for this! Even though still watching the regular show, that's been going since the late nineties... wonder how having two of these run in parallel will work. Even if the old one may be nearing an end point it seems they'll run alongside each other for at least a while.

I presume plenty of folks will tune into the new show - both old and new viewers - but what about the ongoing one?

Seems it'd be a bit discouraging to keep animating that when you know you're working double; that there'll hopefully eventually be a better version of what you're currently working on out there for the world to see. That all may eventually remember the franchise by. Your work lost and forgotten.

Super curious. Will this show last? Will the other? Will it end abruptly like the reboot of Hunter X Hunter? Will it be good...?

Can't wait to find out.

One Piece 1071

Damn man... they killed the magic. Or made it better. I don't know anymore.

Did Oda just do this for his kids? Was this always part of the story? It doesn't feel right. Doesn't feel powerful enough. Does not feel... like any form of Luffy I'd envisioned. The man I somewhat wanted to become. My spontaneous, powerful, spectacular inspiration to life in a lot of regards. Like free will; spontaneity; the conviction to live with no regrets.

Maybe this is just a temporary twist up of the animation though... it does get normal again. It does.

And it actually does get pretty cool. Like that gigantic punch. Maybe I'll get used to this. Maybe it'll get better...

First impression though? Shit.

One Piece 1060

It's getting interesting again! Back to origins, and Zoro... this is the One Piece I love.

Don't let the surroundings distract you. It's the fight that matters after all.

Life Lessons Of HxH pt.2

Watched the new Hunter X Hunter anime a while ago.

You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest,
Because that's where you will find the things,
That are more important than what you want.

The Marshall and Spy bit, oh man... the feels this anime invokes. It's crazy.

It's so full of nuances. Of observations on the grand scheme of life.

Like when the old man started fighting, and wondered how long it was since he had been the one to start waiting for the other to attack...

Or when another character is thinking about why Gon comes across as so genuine; so pure, and realizes it's because he doesn't care about what's right or wrong, he's just interested. And yet his morals are pretty thorough, so that's some paradox ain't it...

I meant to write way more here. Memories fade quick.

I had more epiphanies. But it's a great show. It's the second time I watch through it now and I feel like some time in the future I might revisit it yet again. It just... teaches you how to live.

And gives you hope. Lets you know that not everything's black and white after all; not even when its portrayed in as mainstream a media as this.

If you haven't watched Hunter X Hunter yet you'd better. It's good.

Emotional moments, insights, strategy and action all intertwined.

And a fascinating cast - both the good and the bad guys.

It's a rare balance; a rare range of expression and all.

Homage To Horrible Subs

Find someone who'd look at you like this... *picture of a cute girl with a warm smile, head in hands, staring at you*

Quick homage to the greatest; most horrible fansub group there ever was!

Depicted above just one of the many random things they posted along the way. Back in the day. When their humble online abode and place was the greatest ever of the Internet age.

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