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One Piece 914

It's getting serious now! I'm still severely agitated with the drawn out style animation though. It's awesome, yet at the same time it's even worse than Dragon Ball Z ever was, it feels like...

Hope they give it a reboot in the future and tell the story as it's meant to be told. No filler. Not in arcs; nor in expressions. It'd probably be just half as many episodes, but all worth a thousand watches. No shortcuts.

One Punch Man Season 2 EP 12

At the brink of death, in an epic battle against Bang and his brother, Garou's picked up by a bird - saved by the talons of the monster association.

Before that that we get a rattling glimpse of his raising, at the injustices he's faced, and a preview of what might be coming next. And then One Punch Man stops by to save the day!

What a great place to take a break before I leave for summer! With Centurion blasted to smithereens, and the quite different monster duo riding off into the sunset... can't wait to get back to this when I get back.

No cliffhangers here. If you're looking for a pause: this is the place.

To be continued.

One Punch Man Season 2 EP 11

Garou's going through the fire trial with this one! Level of seriousness just jumped up drastically.

Is this the OPM I know? The one I knew? The one I want? I'm not sure but it's really getting intense again, and it feels refreshingly new - even if this is exactly how it used to be. Feels like they're either back on track or they're onto something.

Can't wait for the next one.

One Punch Man Season 2 EP 10

Still going alright? Yupp. The OPM plays games, while Garou gets to gain some character. Progress going irritably slow these last episodes though...

One Punch Man Season 2 EP 9

Still going good! Yupp. The OPM keeps saving the day and then gets an existential crisis because it's just too easy and runs into Garou again but doesn't even realize it edition. Starting to look like we won't really be getting anywhere this season...

One Punch Man Season 2 EP 8

Still going good! Yupp. The OPM saves the day edition.

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