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Fairy Tail 74

Obedient Lucy

At Fairy Tail the subject is obedience. Lucy does an obedient pose. Moving on...

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Fairy Tail 73

Something Like A Dragon

Flower Appreciation day is nearing, and Lucy is getting hyped! Then they all go on an icy mission and she catches a cold just in time for the grand event.

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Fairy Tail 72

Dragon Rider Nearing

Dragon Rider nears the city. Gray has revealed his reasons and Makarov reveals his plan. What plan? Only Gray knows. He goes to tell Erza, but it looks she already figured it out. Have you?

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Fairy Tail 71

Natsu Within A Lacrima

Natsu is still trapped within the Lacrima, and Dragon Rider is nearing Magnolia! Elfman & Co appear outta nowhere and knock down Gray. They're taking him the master. In the city Fairy Tail is letting people take shelter in their guild and getting ready for Battle. Erza and a few others are fighting Daphne's lizard men. Can they stop the dragon?

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Fairy Tail 70

An Angry Gray

Of course he's not fake. He's a 100% genuine original copy of Gray Fullbuster! Daphne reveals. Has Gray really gone evil? Natsu is getting fired up!

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Fairy Tail 69


The episode starts with a conversation between Urtear and Master Hades. They're still after the key to Zeref's seal, but it seems like something else is going down that may be relevant to their plans. Moving on, Natsu & Co are on a ship, headed back to Fairy Tail.

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