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Fairy Tail 33

Natsuo & Co at the Akane Resort.

Taking A Ride!

Akane Resort

On The Beach

After Day

Erza Without Armor

Erza With A Smile

Bad Memories

Bad memories come back to haunt Erza. A time when she was small and had no armor.

Beast Guards


Little Erza


But that was all long ago... right?

Back To The Sunset

Erza Ex-quips

A Different Erza

All Fun & Games

Roller Coaster

Inside The Akane Resort

Natsu Tries A Number Game

Square Dude Shows Up

A foe shows up where Natsu's at.

Armed Arm

Another Foe To Face Gray

Another where Gray is.

The Final Enemy

The final foe confronts Lucy.

Dark Magic

Card Tricks

Trapped In A Deck


Lucy Tied Up

The Foes Together

Here's the four of them. What happened to Erza? She got kidnapped.

Gray Defeated

Natsu Shot

Lucy In A Bind

Cutting The Ropes

One of the people trapped in a card manages to cut Lucy's ropes. She tries summoning a stellar spirit first, of course, but it turns out the ropes block magic.



Juvia, Lucy & Gray

And Natsu...

Now that everybody's revived or untied or no longer hidden (Gray used an ice clone, his real self was inside Juvia, as Juvia likes to point out, inside her cloaked shield of water that is) they're ready to go get Erza back.

Paradise Tower

The Paradise Tower. Not just a bad memory any longer.


The Past

I suppose next episode is flashback time? Movin' on!


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