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Fairy Tail 68

I was looking forward to a happy end, but this episode is just tragic. Maybe it will come, the happy ending, who knows. For now you better brace yourself for a tearful experience. At least if you watch the series. I read the title of the episode, A Guild For The Sake Of A Single Person, and I expected Gerard to be saved. It starts with him being taken away.

Gerard Is Taken Away

As They Watch

Erza's Determination

Just when he had finally awakened from his bad dream. I can't let him fall back into the darkness again! I can't let him go!

Natsu's Impulse

Natsu is the one to make the first move, and then the uproar begins!



Royal Guards Run Interfere

A Bad Attempt At Freedom

Jura Stands For Justice

Lucy Flailing Wildly

Into The Darkness Again

Erza ends it. She tries taking responsibility for everything, but it doesn't change a thing. Gerard is taken away. His sentence will most probably be death or life imprisonment.

Erza's Tears

It's not a happy ending.

At The Edge Of Nirvana

At the edge of Nirvana, Cait Shelter, everyone gathers.

The Creator Of Nirvana

The master reveals the truth, and apologizes for not having revealed it earlier: that they are not the descendants of the Nirvit tribe, they are the Nirvit tribe, or at least he is. The master is the same one who created Nirvana 400 years ago. Back then they lived on top of the world, on their creation, and in the beginning they lived in harmony, but there cannot be light without darkness. People changed. For all the darkness Nirvana had taken, darkness was created. He, the master, was the only one who survived the madness. In order to find someone who could destroy his creation he watched over his creation, no longer as a human but as a spirit, for hundreds of years.

Everyone Fades Away

Wendy's Despair

Everyone Was Just An Illusion

Cait Shelter and all members of the guild were but an illusion he had created for the sake of Wendy. They all fade away.

Gerard From The Past

When Gerard appeared carrying Wendy, asking him to take care of her, he could not deny the request.

Wendy & The Master

Wendy asked where she was. She told that Gerard had promised to take her to a guild, and the master told her she was in a guild. And so she met her companions; found a new home.

Wendy's New Companions

Wendy, Charle, you no longer have any need for illusionary companions. You have found yourself true companions now.

The Master Fades


Caito Shelter Disappears

Even The Mark

They Got Your Back, Wendy

Caito Shelter is gone. It never even existed.

Fairy Tail

Didn't I say it was tragic? Just writing this summary is watering my eyes. It's amazing how quickly this series can build up the atmosphere, and how quickly it can be broken down. More summaries will be posted next weekend. Until then.


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