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The episode starts with a conversation between Urtear and Master Hades. They're still after the key to Zeref's seal, but it seems like something else is going down that may be relevant to their plans. Moving on, Natsu & Co are on a ship, headed back to Fairy Tail.

A Sight Of Strangeness

Well that's a strange sight. No motion sickness! And it's all thanks to Wendy. :)

3 New Keys

Lucy now has three new keys, thanks to the defeated Angel (now in custody).

3 New Stellar Spirits

And with those keys three new stellar spirits!

Fairy Tail


Back at Fairy Tail, Wendy introduces herself and receives a warm welcome.

Juvia's Been Worried

Juvia has been worried about Gray. :)

A Warm Welcome

When the folks find out Wendy's a dragon slayer, they are overjoyed!

Gajeel & The Cats

Gajeel is a bit concerned about the cats though. He doesn't have one. :|
But anyway, you know what time it is, time to party!






Wendy's First Mission

Wendy is thinking about going on a mission when Gray pops up and tells Natsu there's a person called Daphne staying at the Rise inn saying she's met a dragon. He runs off to check it out, and she tags along. It's probably a trap, but still...

A Mysterious Challenger

Erza is out buying 50 cakes for Wendy (49 for herself though) when a mysterious foe appears and attacks her. The mysterious foe can ex-quip, just like she can. He disappears after a while.

Strange Room

And back to Natsu & Co. They have arrived at the inn. It's empty. They check all the rooms, until finally there's only one left. One that looks spectacularly fishy.


Daphne appears. Before Natsu has a chance to start speaking about dragons she starts speaking about Metamo-chan, a product she sells. It's great for the skin, it's great to be thin, and it sells great with a grin!

Potential Customer Smile!

Metamo-chan Presented!

Soft Skin

A Swing Of Personality

When Natsu finally gets the word it turns out she lied about putting dragon scales in her product to increase profit. It worked, profit increased, and now Natsu & Co are trapped. He tries to leave but there is no corridor. Suddenly Gray appears, and it looks like he's switched sides!

Gray, An Enemy?

What's going on? Next episode!


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