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Fairy Tail 70

An Angry Gray

Of course he's not fake. He's a 100% genuine original copy of Gray Fullbuster! Daphne reveals. Has Gray really gone evil? Natsu is getting fired up!

Daphne Smiles

Natsu Getting Fired Up

In The Hall


The Illusionary Inn

We learn that the whole inn is an illusion.

Happy Don't Like Vegetables

There's no way to get out! Happy tries attacking Daphne but gets a vegetable Metamo-chan for his effort. Turns out Happy really doesn't like vegetables.

Lucy & Erza On Route

Meanwhile, Lucy & Erza are on route. The strange foe Erza fought earlier appears, and then one more to challenge Lucy. They're made by Daphne and they easily copy the foes style of fighting.

Loki Copied

Loki is evenly matched. Time to switch stellar spirit...

Into The Void

Natsu falls in a trap.


Clone Of His Own!

A strange fight begins!






Winner decided! :)

Daphne In Control

Meanwhile, Natsu is in the belly of a fake dragon. His dragon slayer energy is being used for power. The more he fights to get out, the more power the dragon gets.

Dragon Rider

Gray Fullbuster

And there's Gray. Next episode!


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