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Fairy Tail 74

Obedient Lucy

At Fairy Tail the subject is obedience. Lucy does an obedient pose. Moving on...

Wendy's First Mission

Wendy's about to take on her first mission. It's an act in a play in that theater Natsu & Co stirred hell at earlier. Makarov orders Fried & Happy to keep her company on the voyage. They would go by train, but the train has broken down, so it's time for a long walk.

Fried & Wendy

Sheltering In A Cave

At rainfall, they shelter in a cave.

Sheltering In A Clock

Meanwhile, Lucy, Erza & Charle are hot on their tail.

Preparing Flying Fish

You remember those flying fish that apparently tasted disgusting? Apparently Fried knows how to properly make a decent meal out of them.

A Delicious Meal?


Or not.


Roasting Fish By The Fire

The other group suffers the same.

Everybody Get Together!

While voyaging through the desert, everybody gets together. Apparently Lucy & Co have been getting ahead. Erza sinks down in the sand. Lucy summons Virgo to dig her up. It turns out Erza is holding on to a truckload of acting apparel, she has to let go.

Sandstorm On Route

Also, a sandstorm is on the way. And no it's not Natsu.

Erza's Lost Oasis

Erza is in agony, but they dig up her apparel later on.

Wendy Defeats Sandstorm

Wendy defeats the sandstorm with her sky magic.

Voyage Aftermath

At long last they arrive at the theater! Unfortunately the director already has a bunch of other actors. Natsu is sick after the train ride, Fried ate too much flying fish, Erza is depressed over her loss, and the rest? Maybe they're just tired. Wendy seems to in shape though, so th director hires her to take the lot of them away from the main entrance.

Wendy's First Mission Complete

All is well and ends well. :) More episodes later on, maybe next weekend. Till then.


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