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From ACD To VegaPunk To Yibis To Yonkou

Once upon a time there was a fansubbing group named ADC Fansubs. They subbed over a hundred episodes of One Piece. They started falling behind on their releases and at 4:40pm on April 9, 2007, EDT, this conversation took place between Don Capone (irc nick: Xeon, the ADC founder) and Doofus (ADC-Fansubs Timer)

[18:40] Don Capone i started one piece fansub same way
[18:40] Don Capone cause i loved one piece
[18:40] Don Capone en gerusama was too slow
[18:40] Don Capone but since vegapunk is doing a great job
[18:40] Don Capone there is no need for one piece subs anymore
[18:40] Don Capone :)
[18:40] Doofus aha, finally you're on board
[18:40] Don Capone so thats why im stalling it
[18:40] Don Capone if one day
[18:40] Don Capone vegapunk falls apart
[18:40] Don Capone we will continue subbing one piece
[18:40] Don Capone but for now
[18:40] Don Capone its closed

So there it ended. The ADC Heaven site went down. Vegapunk picked up the series when they started stalling, and subbed the series for almost a hundred episodes, with what started as a great pace. Somewhere around episode 340 they fell apart. The official message was:

Vegapunk Fansubs is officially shut down. We've lost our manager/leader, our website (the
URL now goes to a Swedish porn site, so be warned), our ftp server where all of our subbing
materials were stored, and our motivation. I finally heard from Hedi yesterday. He also
hasn't heard anything from Kuzan since May, and we have lost touch with most of the other
staff as well. Neither of us has the time/energy or desire to try to pick up the pieces and
continue without him. So this is it. There will be no more releases of any kind from
Vegapunk Fansubs, nor will the website return.

Yibis came into the picture soon after. So far they've subbed over a hundred episodes, and they're still going strong. At a time it seemed like they would give up, they started falling behind, but they've almost caught up. Yonkou Fansubs has a one episode lead.

But let's not forget about Kaizoku-Fansubs! Since the very dawn of One Piece Kaizoku-Fansubs have been working on this series. They're slowly nearing 300 episodes subbed, along with the majority of all One Piece movies and special episodes, and I hope they'll make it all the way to the finishing line. There's been a bunch of fansubs filling in the gaps when other groups have disappeared and missed a few episodes, of which Nakama-Fansubs is the only one I remember. That's the One Piece fansubbing history up-to-date. Sail on!


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